June 3-9, 2018

August 5-11, 2018 (possibly)





The coolest promotional video we could ever do - because we didn't have to do it.  One of our campers, who prefers to remain anonymous, did it for us after our 2011 camp. 


Mark Johnson on Letterman - Mark was awarded the 2012 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass.  Here he is with Steve Martin and Emory Lester performing on David Letterman.


An Interview with Rolly Brown - This is from Rolly's latest video for Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop; some talk, some playing.  He's playing his Rolly Brown signature model guitar from Mario Proulx.


Mark Johnson - interview - here's an interesting local (Florida) video production about Mark, with some good interview footage, and his playing from a local Florida festival

Concert footage - here's some video from one of our earliest concerts, starting with some Irish music from Matt Shortridge, Blues for Dixie with Raul Reynoso, then fingerstyle and harp guitar from Stephen Bennett, followed by Pat Donohue.

More concert footage - here are some snippets with Gerald Jones and Brad Davis, then Mike Phelan, then Pat Donohue and pals.
Jams - we walked around on Thursday and caught a few jam sessions, some big, some small.
Peggy Gordon: Instructors Matt Shortridge and Julie Davis found that they were both Ewan McColl fans, and we caught them singing his version of Peggy Gordon on the deck; they later performed it at the Thursday night instructor concert. 

Mike Phelan: You're Not Lonely Enough to Know: Mike Phelan of Marley's Ghost came as a camper last year.  We asked him to run our Bluegrass Songbook class, and folks had a great time in it.  He showed this song to Craig Duncan, Bob Goldstein, Raul Reynoso and Charlie Hall.  

A tour of a few camp classes.  We shot a little footage of some of the classes; here it is.